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[BharatStudent - Hindi - Actor Actress|Photo,Picture Galleries|Wallpapers|Screensavers|Movie Trailers|Film News and Gossips] Rajesh Khanna absent at Samanta's funeral....: When the legendary movie maker Shakti Samanta passed away few days back, condolences were arriving from stars like Shammi Kapoor, Sharmila Tagore, Asha Parekh, Mithun Chakraborty etc., but then one man was quite conspicuous with his absence. He is none other than the iconic Rajesh Khanna.

[SATYAMSHOT] What is Masala Cinema?: The older Rajesh Khanna or Dev Anand or Manoj Kumar were always the ”˜bad’ 70s as opposed to the good 70s of a younger Rajesh Khanna, a Dharam who was transforming himself from 60s romantic or family film hero to action star, and of course Bachchan. Dharam shows up briefly in the film and thankfully Rishi Kapoor is represented by his Karz clip that begins the film.

[atul's bollywood song a day- with full lyrics] Dil ki baaten dil hi jaane: We, who are used to dfind Mumtaz performing brilliantly in the company of Rajesh Khanna find the same onscreen chemistry conspicuous by its absence between Jeetendra and Mumtaz. Rajesh Khanna certainly had an aura about himself in his songs that is missing in this picturisation.

[MemsaabStory] Safar (1970) « MemsaabStory: 1970 of Super Star Rajesh Khanna is a life affirming film,portraying never ending quest for life even in one’s dying moments.What is natural about the film is that the death cannot snuff out what life has bestowed in person’s life though death is permanent. Super Star Rajesh khanna of 70’s older cinema is convincing as a die hard life portagonist.It is contribution of Super Star Rajesh Khanna to Indian cinema ,now more commonly called bollywood that a death denying role portrayal has been played by him.

[Download Hindi Songs Rm, Mp3 | News | Bollywood Movies Reviews | Trailers | Pakistani Songs Mp3] RAJESH KHANNA FAILS HIS 'WAFAA' CHARACTER: There is no big movie release this Friday, presumably because no producer wants to take the risk when Shah Rukh Khan starrer 'Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi' has already been attracting huge crowds since last Friday and Aamir Khan starrer mega 'Ghajini' is waiting in the wings to hit the screens on December 25th. Besides, there were no major theaters available for any movie's exhibition.

[Diary of V Manohar] Filmfare Awards for Super Star Rajesh Khanna: imple Kapadia gave away Rajesh Khanna's special award for having completed 26 years in films. - When Gulzar was called to present Raakhee her best supporting actress trophy (Ram Lakhan), he good-humouredly jibed, "Ajee sunti ho..."

[atul's bollywood song a day- with full lyrics] Ye duniya waale poochenge: This song is from a 1969 movie called “Mahal”. In an era where Rajesh Khanna and Mumtaz had no use for umbrellas in rainy season, we find Dev Anand, Asha Parekh and others using umbrellas for no apparent reason.

[Rafisahab's Blog] lean phase! you must be joking!: the demise of Roshan,jaikishan ,Madan Mohan,Real Burman , less activeness of naushad saab and Nayyar saab,advent of new generation of music directors like Laxmi-Pyare, kalyanji-anandji, Pancham, Rajesh Roshan changes the scenario for certain. In this scenario , the number of songs sung by Rafi Saab decreases,

[PassionForCinema] Shakti Samanta - A Musical Tribute | PassionForCinema: Since it was based on singer/courtesan it had to have good music by RD Burman with songs like Gori Tori Paijaniya sung by Manna Dey, Jamuna Kinare sung by Lata Mangeshkar and of course Mere Naina Saawan Bhadon sung by Kishore and Lata, in their own versions and not as a duet. This song formed the recurring theme of the movie as Rajesh was trying his hardest to help Hema recall their past birth.

[Untitled] Shaadi (1962) «: Indrani Mukherjee played Rajesh Khanna’s love interest in Aakhri Khat and Shashi’s in Dharamputra before graduating to the latter’s Mom-figure in Paap Aur Punya and Amar Shakti. Why do they do this to beautiful young women?!!

[girish] girish: Favorite Cinema Discoveries in '08: Regarding your point on the absence of set data in LA RÉGION CENTRALE, I’m not sure this helps, but it somewhat reminded me my experiences with acid while looking at a blank wall... In the end I must thank you, since “”˜constraint to the original materials’ is precisely not effaced [and] the original materials are what is always there” awkwardly proves my point.

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