Bollywood Rumors > Preity Zinta clarifies its not her in the MMS [] Preity Zinta clarifies its not her in the MMS Preity clarifies its not her in the MMS After Riya Sen, Mallika Sherawat and Manisha Koirala, its Preity Zinta who is the next target of an MMS attack. Actually this is a video clip that’s making rounds through emails.

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Mjsabby.com [] Mukul Sabharwal's Blog: Shakti Kapoor Video (India TV MPG): With increase in obsene scenes in bollywood movies it is not supprising to hear all this. I have even got my cable cut besause its of no use to watch such rubbish on the TV.[] India Forums: Koyal plays a great baazi this week in PKG . Cunningly playing both sides ,she alerts Rimjhim of Vicky's plan to abort Isha;s child while on the other hand planned for Isha to fall and hence miscarry.IF members were shocked when they learnt that Koyal is actually Megha, who has had cosmetic surgery.Meanwhile, Tanya showed her himmat by coming back to the house to reunite with Om[] India Daily - Bollywood, Indian cinema, actors, actresses, ash ...: Bollywood actors scared to kiss without test of partner’s absence of any sex ... Preity Zinta in love triangle? Pam Bhandari The rumor world has out... ... [] Don't trust the Indian Media!: Bollywood sex and more...: It cannot be a 'morph' as Mallika claims because that level of CG expertise even Hollywood doesn't have. And it would take a hardcore obsessive compulsive guy to sit and change 24 frames a second (OK, only the frames with her face) for eight and a half minutes.

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